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Plan Design & Compliance

DST offers fully bundled in-house retirement plans, or we can work with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of your choice for more customized plan design options to fit the needs of you and your employees. Business owners don't want to spend a lot of time reviewing and doing administrative tasks on their retirement plans. They have a business to run. So we offer tools, templates and expert administrators to help.

  • Streamlined or Custom Plan Documents
  • Payroll/Contribution Reporting
  • Participant Notifications
  • Signature Ready IRS Form 5500 Filings
  • Annual Compliance Testing
  • Daily Valuation

What type of plan do I need?
Bundled 401(k) Plans

Five unique plans to fit the varying needs of small business owners. Explore and compare our plan options. Plan Sponsors are able to choose from over 150 mutual funds from multiple fund families. Prototype plan documents and simple web tools help you select the perfect fit for your business needs.

Safe Harbor Choice 401(k) Plan

The Safe Harbor Choice 401(k) plan is a plan that provides your participants a fully vested matching contribution to those who make payroll contributions (dollar for dollar of at least 4%, to a maximum of 6% of compensation). This type of plan requires a mandatory employer contribution, allows profit sharing contributions, and participants are immediately 100% vested in the amounts they contribute.

Traditional Choice 401(k) Plan

The Traditional Choice 401(k) plan differs from a Safe Harbor Choice 401(k) plan as the employer has the discretion to choose if they wish to match contributions (vs. being mandatory). Under this type of plan ADP/ACP testing is required. All other plan provisions are the same as the Safe Harbor Choice 401(k) Plan.

"Plus" Option 401(k) Plan (Safe Harbor Choice Plus or Traditional Choice Plus)

Both Safe Harbor Choice and Traditional Choice can be upgraded to a "Plus" option. The provisions are the same as the standard Choice plan chosen, but include following additional features:

  • Integrated profit sharing allocation formula
  • Compensation while a participant
  • Vesting schedules (6-year graded or 3-year cliff)
Owner Only 401(k) Plan

The Owner Only Choice 401(k) plan is a pretax and Roth after-tax payroll investment plan that allows fully vested employee payroll contributions. All contributions include mandatory employer matching "Safe Harbor" contributions (dollar for dollar of at least 4%, to a maximum of 6% of compensation) and any discretionary profit sharing contributions.

The following business types are eligible for this program:

  • Sole Proprietor without employees
  • Partnership or LLP without employees
  • Corp, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC with one owner (or husband/wife owners) without employees
Bundled Plan Comparison
  Safe Harbor Choice Safe Harbor Choice Plus Traditional Choice Traditional Choice Plus Owner Only
Required Employer Contribution Yes Yes Only in Top Heavy years Only in Top Heavy years Yes
Compliance Testing Required Only when profit sharing is deposited Only when profit sharing is deposited Every year Every year No
Pro-rata Profit Sharing Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Integrated Profit Sharing Not available Optional Not available Optional N/A
Vesting Schedule 100% Optional 100%, 6 year graded, 3 year cliff 100% Optional 100%, 6 year graded, 3 year cliff 100%
Compensation Used for Employer Contribution Full plan year Optional compensation while a participant Full plan year Optional compensation while a participant Full plan year
TPA Designed 401(k) Plans

When you need a more complex plan design, Prime Plan Solutions works with a TPA to integrate our Plan Sponsor and Participant services with the administrative services they provide. A TPA can provide you with custom plan design, compliance testing and required government filings and on-going plan administration services.


Simple tools and templates for business owners to manage their day-to-day retirement plan responsibilities.

  • 24/7 Account Information
  • Participant Communication Templates
  • Fee Disclosure Documents
  • Participant Call Center
  • Quarterly Participant Statements


24/7 access to accounts, easy to use investment website, enrollment and education materials to help participants achieve retirement success.

The opportunity to participate in a payroll deduction, defined contribution retirement plan is often the best chance for your employees to achieve a successful retirement. We offer "easy to get started" enrollment materials and forms and ongoing educational communications to help participants make the best savings and investment choices for themselves.



Investment Choices

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A comprehensive set of fund choices are available to match the need of any business. Over 20 of the best investment managers in the world with more than 150 mutual funds covering all the important categories required to build a diversified portfolio are available. You can choose from a long list of professionally managed asset allocation funds that make it easy for you.